About GJ Golf

GJ Golf is a fully stocked retail store that carries all major brands of golfing equipment. Our store, which has been opened for seven years, has two indoor teaching and practice bays where lessons are taught.  We also have a large 3-paneled simulator with over 50 courses on it. Come in and play a round of golf at Pebble Beach or somewhere in China. 


GJ Golf uses the JC Video state of the art system, which incorporates high speed video cameras and feedback to accurately diagnose swing flaws. The student’s lesson with their drills is then loaded onto the student’s personal webpage so they can review and continue their learning any time. We offer full swing as well as short game sessions and customize lessons based on the client's individual needs and goals.   


Get an unbiased fitting designed to help you optimize your potential by matching the best combination of club head and shaft to your swing. Our fits are performed with a Flight Scope Monitor, which measures launch angle, spin rate, decent angle, backspin and the direction of your shots. You will receive an 8-page print out on what clubs you hit best and why.

If you want to benefit from the latest technology and want the right set of clubs built for you, give us a call at 970-208-1030.


We sell a wide variety of grips and will happily strip old grips off your clubs and replace them with new ones.


Tuesday thru Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Closed Monday


625 24 1/2 Road, Suite C

Grand Junction, CO 81505

Located in the Fisher's Liquor Plaza next to Home Depot on Patterson Road.