I have worked with several golf instructors over the years but none have had as much an impact as Andy Gaither.  He has helped me transform my golf swing into a modern swing that has produced great results on the course.  He has a good eye for spotting flaws and makes use of various training aids that combine perfectly with his “on the range” video analysis.  When he puts me into his swing plane system, I get immediate feedback if I have started to revert back to bad habits, forcing me to get back on track before leaving each lesson.

 Mike Johnson, January 2013

Andy has fundamentally improved our golf experience.  We are at different levels in our golf games and Andy is equally good at improving each of our swings.  He is patient and has a non-critical attitude.  We also like the fact that Andy is an active player who works on improving his own game.  This keeps his approach to teaching fresh.  We highly recommend him for any level player.

Chuck and Christine, January 2013

Andy has been instructing me on my golf swing for almost 15 years.  I have worked with nationally ranked instructors and Andy ranks right there with them.  He has excellent tools and is easy to work with.  He has worked with me and improved my golf swing and my ball striking and I would (and have) recommended him to others. 
Jerry Wood, January 2013

I have a B.S. Degree in Physical Education and Biology, Masters Degrees in Biomechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Education.  I am also a Chiropractor.  Most of my post graduate studies hours were spent on film and video sports analysis. I have spent many hours with many different golf teachers and coaches.  I find Andy's method to be superior in many ways. Andy incorporates current golf methods, current technology, communicates with his students, and has a positive teaching method. Working with Andy is enjoyable, informative and rewarding.  As a Chiropractor I appreciate Andy's awareness of injuries, Andy protects his students and is aware of any physical limitations.

Mike Kelley, January 2013

I met Andy a couple of years ago on the golf course and we started talking about the swing and how I could improve.  After working with Andy, I have noticed a big change in how I play the game.  I understand what I am doing right and when I hit a bad shot, I know how to correct it.  I won a club championship, a match play event at my home course and my handicap is now a 2. The credit goes to Andy and his easy to understand method of improving the golf swing.

Jeff Nightengale

Brennin first met Andy at our Father-Son golf outing.  Andy saw Brennin struggling with his game.  We made our first appointment for lessons the following week. Andy's philosophy of enjoying the game and using video analysis was exactly what Brennin needed. Andy's many years of experience with junior golfers along with his visual teaching approach really helped improve Brennin's game.  We would highly recommend Andy as a top rated coach for any golfer looking to improve.

 Brennin Tidwell, January 2013