I grew up in South Central Pennsylvania in the small town of New Oxford, where fields and golf balls were plentiful.  I spent my young childhood picking up golf balls, learning how to swing a club and driving golf carts.  At 16, the game of golf took on a new meaning and gave me an internal drive to succeed.  Throughout the following year, my focus was on practicing and playing competively. Setting high school records and winning the York County Amateur, set my career in golf in motion.

In the mid-90s, I attended Coker College in Hartsville, SC and played college golf and graduated with a BA in business. Winning tournaments and being honored as a NAIA- All conference player for three of my four years, instilled the confidence in me to turn professional.  For five consecutive years, I toured North America playing in multiple mini-tour events and multiple professional tournaments. Practicing long hours, driving for miles and sleeping in hotels, made me  realize that although I love competing, I have a passion for teaching the game of golf as well as playing. 

Inspired by some of the greatest golf instructions, one being my father, Ted, I began to branch out and analyze the golf swing. Working at John’s Island in Vero Beach, Florida was the first place where I truly began to teach students and saw results. From there I traveled to other locations to teach and made my way back to Pennsylvania, where I have resided for the past 10 years.

My first teaching job in Pennsylvania was at Sunnybrook Golf Club, a place where I expanded my teaching theories and included video technology into my lessons. JC video allowed me to compare my students to tour players and presented a visual aide that impacted my students’ results.

With membership satisfaction and my continued success in tournament golf in the Philadelphia section, I was granted a wonderful position at Merion Golf Club as the teaching professional in 2008. 

At Merion, I work with members and non-members on all aspects of their game.  Working on the range and on the course, I develop players with good fundamentals, mental strategies, and confidence to shot lower scores. By utilizing video technology, Flight Scope and internet capability, my students are instructed, captured and provided feedback simultaneously.  Merion’s state of the art learning facility is a heaven for all golfers and place where my students see results.