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The mission of the Swing Lab is to provide the highest quality evaluation and instruction to all baseball players, softball payers, and golfers by utilizing “state of the art” video production along with experienced and certified professionals.

We supply the student with specific structured procedures and practices that will stimulate both their physical attributes as well their mental approach to success in sports.

In baseball and softball, our instruction is based on simple mechanical understanding and development of skills. We ultimately want the student to gain the confidence to be able to enjoy the sport and also gain the aptitude and abilities to reach the next level.

Our “Golf” program at the Swing Lab features numerous contemporary instructional avenues to improve your game and lower your scores. Along with your personalized “swing” evaluation, each golfer will not only learn to “control”, but will also gain the thought process that will help you to understand and manage your way around the golf course.

It is amazing that almost 95% of all Major League baseball players, softball players, and both PGA and LPGA golfers have almost identical appearances at the approach and point of impact to the ball.

Let us be your guide to gaining a better understanding of your skills and potential advancement in baseball, softball and golf. We can show you how!

Respect the game, learn the game, love the game!