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Email from Jeremy Carter
Thank you Mr. Sheftic,
I wanted to let you know that your lessons have already began to pay huge
dividends in my game. My ball striking is so much better. I am really having to
get used to hitting the ball so far with my irons. My first round, post
lessons, was at Crossgates last weekend. I shot a 78, but felt that I left some
shots on the table because of my short game. I took off work today and went
over to Fox Chase in Denver. For the first time in my life I shot PAR. I
couldn't believe it. I just feel so confident in my game right now. I know what
you're thinking: This is a nice way of me saying I'm not taking anymore
lessons. I assure you that is not the case. I know that I still have room to
improve. I would like to work on my driver and short game with you more. I am
not satisfied where either of them are. There is always better. I will contact
you in the next couple weeks to set up another lesson. Thanks again. For
everything.  Jeremy Carteer


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