Tom Hurst
It's been so long since we have had a genuine conversation, and I have to depend on resuming my relationship with you (total love and respect) through my son. I was fascinated to hear ABOUT HIS LATEST EXPERIENCE WITH YOU  and a lengthy discussion about your concern with the physical biological make up of your students. I have always believed (about myself) that too many times I was assigned drills that I WAS UNABLE TO PERFORM PHYSICALLY. Like turning, or that some of my muscles were slow or lazy and others were nimble and quick. Of course talent has a lot to do with it BUT  my struggles have always included someone else's ideas about my capabilities AND NOT MY OWN. 
Chris mentioned just one thought you gave him concerning my inability to ever make a full back swing turn. I HAVE ALWAYS MAINTAINED THAT MY FAILURE TO DO SO WAS NOT PHYSICAL BUT RATHER THE IMPROPER INSTRUCTION. YOU TOLD HIM------------------ "YOUR FATHER SHOULD TRY TURNING AROUND HIS LEFT SIDE INSTEAD OF HIS RIGHT SIDE." When I tried this method I immediately made a 90 degree turn and the shaft was pointing down the fairway with along club.
Ted, as a teacher my admiration for your knowledge and skills has no bounds. If I had  a personal " Hall of Fame'  You would be a charter member. My high regard for you is earned and my willingness to trust my judgment about people. Your history and background shows a passion about life and an intensity to continue to learn new techniques and accept new ideas ---- which is WHY YOU HAVE CONTINUED TO GROW INTELLECTUALLY.
Always my best wishes to TomaLee and  your continued success.
From a genuine Sheftic fan
John Weber
I had the 36 hole Medal Play Tournament at Conestoga CC this weekend. I took the lesson you gave me Friday and even though I had this tournament yesterday and today I stayed committed through both rounds with the new backswing. I ended up shooting 72-70 and winning the tournament. I hit it very solid but I did not make any putts. The scores do not dictate how well I hit it.  These two rounds were probably the two best ball striking rounds I have had.

Thanks for the lesson and I will continue to work on the new backswing.
Brynn Walker
Hi Coach!

I wanted to let you know that on July 1 and 2 I won the Pennsylvania State Junior Championship at Hershey Country Club East. I shot 76-69. It was the first 69 I have ever shot so it felt amazing. I think I am really starting to get this lag down. I have gained about 30 yards on my drive and at least 10 yards on each club. I am starting to make very good contact and I can now control the ball a lot better. Thanks for all your help and drilling the lag into my brain!
Mel Woolf
As I sit and review the past summer, I reflect to the progress of my golf game. Having recently retired and trying to recapture some of the glory of my younger days through my golf game I remark at the journey.

Once a respectable and enjoyable enterprise, golf had become an effort and exasperation. Trying to buy into the new technologies and philosophies got me some progress but halting and sporadic at best.

My chance opportunity to renew my acquaintance with you has had profound impact on both my game and my attitude. The hiatus in our working relationship has been over ten years, but I can only say that you have taken advantage of that time to truly become not only a great teacher but a great coach as well. I have been privileged to work with a number of top 100 teachers, and you rightfully belong among the best of that vaunted group.

Our most recent relationship has only been over the past summer, four or five lessons at best, but the progress I perceive and the positive direction have renewed my passion for the sport like never before. I can only say thank you so many times. I don't want to sound like a cliché know the game I have will never be the game of two decades ago. But in many ways it is a better and more enjoyable game than in the past.

I am proud the be associated with you as student and hope that I may go so far to call you friend.