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email fro,m Bill Fries

Thank you for today’s lesson.  It was one of the best I
have ever had.  I am even more motivated to practice and improve than I
was before.  Very good stuff.  I left you and spent 1 hour at
Hayfields hitting short chips to close pins from the nastiest lies I could
create.  Very satisfying to be able to finally have a plan and some
confidence on how to hit that shot.
Please forward to me your round Analysis Form for me to
track statistics for every round I play.  This analytical tool will be
very helpful in isolating specific areas I need to focus upon to improve.
I have played golf for over 50 years and know it is very
difficult and full of constant ups and downs.  I have never been a natural
talent at anything.  Rarely has anyone out-worked me.  I will keep
grinding on this until I either get it right or improve significantly.
Thanks for your help and direction.   Bill

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